News 2008

27.12.2008 Happy New Year 2009

Agosta's ball Some happy news we received during the last days of year 2008. Young gentleman Iikkoo was confirmed by the FCI as an International Beauty Champion. Now Iikkoo's owners are allowed to use the title of INT CH with Iikkoo's name and other titles. Iikkoo became the 9th ! Miniblack's Boston gained the championship this year at Miniblack's. Wonderful!

16.12.2008 Some information !

→ Handsome Hotsi was awarded with an award of "Best Agility-Obedience Boston of 2007". Unfortunately the Finnish Boston Club finished giving away these titles. So this is a historical title to be the last one. Congratulations to the owners.
→ Some words of Juvenile Cataract in Finnish. The main point of the list is that all the "JC-vapaa" mentioned dogs are proven to be free of JC-gene mutate by AHT in England. The puppies of the litters BB, Valentine and Just are all clear of JC mutate - not even carriers - due to both parents are tested "Clear". In other words "JC-vapaa" means in english result: Clear (non-carrier).

1.12.2008 Plans for the future ...

This year has been amazing and all the owners of our puppies have been actively played (Shows, Agility, Obedience) with their dogs. For example many of our dogs have this year gained the championship. Congratulations to the owners of these dogs once more! The amount of nine different champs' during one year is at least record for Miniblack's Bostons, could be even in Finland? In Agility there has also been success, which is wonderful. Thank You the owners of our dogs for letting us enjoy these achievements with you. Keep Up The Good Work!

  • We are planning to have some puppies during the year 2009. The plans are that some pups hopefully will be born in the beginning of 2009 and in summertime. See every now and then the puppy news pages or ask Anne directly.
  • Some changes on our web site will be followed in January 2009.

22.11.2008 Waiting for Christmas ...

It's soon Christmas time, but still we've got only some snow. Hopefully it becames some before "the time". In a big winner show in Helsinki will be 46 bostons to be presented. We are among those, keep your fingers crossed for us in 13.12. at 9.
In the pic beside is the oldest boston of Miniblack's clan - 14 years of old Arri. And still going strong !

11.11.2008 The fall is here ...

OUr latest litter of "Sixpack" is very well settled to their new homes. Many of those living with an other boston or (suprise !) a boxer. Some of them has even horses as a companion. Beside is a pic of one of the puppy called Aada. Iikkoo has also had some success on the field of Agility. Congratulations !

2.11.2008 Some Joy, Some Sorrow

The weekend was full of Joy and Sorrow, first the happy news: Our little Martti was in a puppy show in Espoo and gained the BOS-title under the finnish judge Tuula.
One of the oldest dogs of us Mopo died on thursday 30.10.2008 at the age of (nearly) 13,5 years. You are able to find the details of this loss here and a poem in Finnish.

26.10.2008 Success in INT-Show: Double winning and Douple Champ'

In a stormy wheather in Seinäjoki (International Show) we had a great success under the Dutch judge Hans v.d. Berg. Our young Ninni got the title of Best Bitch and in the BOB. Ninni's older brother Iikkoo was elected to the Best Male and in the end he was BOS. Both got their own cacibs. The champion of several countries Iikkoo do not need CC's anymore but the younger sister Ninni got her last CC. At the same time Ninni was crowned as a Finnish and Swedish Beauty Champion at the same time. Well Done Ninni ! Not a bad birthday gift.

18.10.2008 Hämeenlinna show

The fall and the last shows of the year are soon at hand. In a show in Hämeenlinna the Finnish judge Markku Kipinä liked the bros Agosta and Martti. Both the puppies got their Honour Prizes and they were 1. and 2. in their class. In the end Agosta was chosen as a BOB puppy. Congrats to the owners of these little ones !

31.8.2008 Latest Finnish Champion Miniblack's Zoom Zodiac

Milo has had a few year brake from the dogs shows, but now he's back. In 30.8. in Tampere show this little gentleman got his last CC for championship and he is our brand new Champion dog FIN CH Miniblack's Zoom Zodiac. Gongratulations Inka & co! The Latvian judge Inese Pablaka like him that she gave him also BOS.

On Sunday 31.8. in FTDA:n show we got good results. But the highest result was BOB puppy. This award was given to a 6-month old puppy called Agosta. The legendary Finnish judge Hans Lehtinen chose the best puppy.

The latest pics of 5-week old litter seen on the Sixpack page.

24.8.2008 INT Hämeenlinna and Valkeakoski shows

 Miniblack's This weekend was the weekend of the strict judges. On Saturday our Veeti was in a veteran class for the first time in Hämeenlinna. The judge was Leni Finne. Veeti enjoyed the exciting atmosphere after having break of the shows. Veeti got BOS and was BOB veteran. Specially "Heartbreaker" enjoyed the attention Veeti got during the show. On Sunday continued the show also with strict judge, this time she was from Lithuania called Natalja Nekrosiene. Our little Ninni was BB1with certificate. This ment automatically BOB also.

21.8.2008 Pics of the puppies, Iikkoo in Agility race

Iikkoo went to a Agility race in Seinäjoki. This little "creature" got the 0-result by winning the class. Go Iikkoo and Anu Go !
Little puppies are growing and getting more handsome. The puppies at the age of 4 weeks are presented on Sixpack pages.

9.8.2008 Helsinki show 9.8. & Lahti puppyshow 10.8. and puppies of 2 weeks

On Saturday Topi continued winning the second CC for championship. This was received with the title of BOS. Now he does not need any CC's before he's 2 years of old. The judge was finnish lady called Heikkinen-Lehkonen. For the first time in a dog show was little Agosta. In the puppy show was judge called Marja Kosonen and Agosta won the title of BOB puppy. Well Done Topi and Agosta.
Sixpack has the pages of their own, see the 2 week-old pics there.

3.8.2008 Kuopio SawoShow and Helsinki Show

On Saturday 2.8. Ninni was in a sunny city of Kuopio and received CC from a Norwegian judge Lisbeth Campbell. There were many other non-champion bitches after the same CC, but the strict judge liked Ninni worth of a CC. On Sunday in Helsinki started Topi in a junior class with picking the first CC for himself under the Swedish judge Siv Jernhake and the little Topi also received BOS-title.

29.07.2008 Lovely Sixpack of tiny Bostons

In the evening-nighttime of 24.7.2008 we got the bunch of little bostons - altogether six puppies. Two of the are males and four females.
The father of the litter is Swedish and the mother is our own line. Both the parents are DNA-tested in England by Animal Health Trust for hereditary juvenile cataracts: result Clear (non-carrier) for both of the parents. Both of the parents Eyes cerf'd normal (no HC, PRA, RD), patella 0/0 and the bitch is Baer tested normal. You are able to see weekly new pics of the puppies on the Sixpack pages. Later you are able find there the 5-generation pedigree of the puppies with a lot of pics.

18.07.2008 Brand New Finnish Champ': Miniblack's Ghost of a Rose

13.7. in Rantasalmi Dog Show went Ruusu quite well. Actually the show was perfect for her. The judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa liked her so much, that she was nominated as Best of Breed. She also received the missing 3rd certificate in the first show where it was possible to win. This Certificate gave her the title of Finnish Champion. Well Done, Ruusu !

12.07.2008 World Dog Show -08 and other stuff

 Miniblack's  Miniblack's * In Stockholm Sweden took place the world's largest dog shows, over 21.000 dogs in a same show. We got the best breeder's group in bostons - as a first finnish boston breeder ever. It was a great pleasure and horour to be able to have this classy breeder's group. In the winning class of ours, were the following dogs (from the left): Ninni, Sissi, Selma ja Wallu (new pic of Wallu in the intro), on right the judge Karl-Erik Johansson. In the matter of fact our offpring went very well in their own classes also. Many of them were amoungst four best in their classes. All the bostons were from 10 different countries, even from places like Italy, Spain and GB. You are able to see all the results on the pages of World Dog Show.

 Miniblack's * Earlier this summer Ninni won the Swedish CC for Championship. As soon as Ninni becomes the Finnish Champ' she will gain also the Swedish Chmapionship at the same time. Congrats to you all, Marjukka !

 Miniblack's * At the same time when the World Dog Show took page in Stockholm in Finland nearby the city of Tampere was a huge Agility event of "Agirotu-08". There our Hotsi competed amongst the 151 competitors. The Boston team was in the "Dressing Show" also, they were "Boston Brothers". See the pic on right. He was 31'st. The first 25 were appointed to the semifinals for Finnish Ch's. So not so bad at all for Hotsi in Tampere. All the results on Agirotu-08 pages

 Miniblack's * We are happy to announce that we are (hopefully) expecting a boston litter in near future. Keep your fingers crossed for that! More info will be on these page in the beginning of August -08.

17.06.2008 Webmaster is on vacation 18.6. - 8.7.

The webmaster is on holiday til 9.7.2008. There will be no updates until then. If you have urgent matters please contact Anneli by mail ! A whole lotta of sunshine wishes the whole Miniblack's bunch.

15.06.2008 International dog show in Forssa 14.6.

 Miniblack's We spent sunny saturday in a show with Melody and Musti. They both got their first CC's for the finnish championship and our breeder's class was best of breed. The judge Juha Putkonen was so hard when he was judging and finally he chose our little Melody as Best of Breed. Our youngster Lyyli got her first Cacib. So we really had good time at the show.

03.06.2008 Swedish Champ', Best of breed and two Cacibs

 Miniblack's  Miniblack's Our little Selma (living permanently in Sweden) is finally 2 years. She was in (first time in open class) show in Österbybruk 25.5. The judge was Danish terrier breeder Lillian Lleton. She really liked Selma and decided to have Selma as Best Of Breed. With this winning Selma complited the Swedish Champ' title. Great Selma, Grattis till hela familjen!
In the INT show in Helsinki received Iikkoo and young Siiri the Int Champ' nominations aka Cacibs. Siiri received the R-cacib which will be changed into "real one" by the FCI.

24.05.2008 INT Show in Hamina and our latest International Champion

 Miniblack's In Hamina international show 24.5. Iikkoo acted like a gentleman and Lettish judge Vila Klucnience liked him and picked the male as Best of Breed. With this Iikkoo complited The International Beauty Champion title for himself. Here is the titles for Iikkoo (at the moment):
INT CH & FIN CH & EST CH & S CH & LTU CH , NORDJW-05, NORDW-05 Miniblack's Hot Topic (INT CH will be confirmed by the FCI)

19.05.2008 Shows in Joensuu etc.

In Joensuu little puppy Topi got Best of Breed Puppy title and his relative Lissu was nominated as Best of Breed . The judge was from Israel Zeev Trainin. On Sunday in the international Show the same Lissu got Cacib (for international beauty champion). Lissu needs only two cacibs more to became INT CH.
At the same time in Swedish Boston Club Show our Selma ja Seppo were in the ring. Enclosed Selma in Sweden. Both the dogs were praised as second in their classes. There were more than 70 bostons in the show. The "funny" picture is our Martti (Boston) with his dear friend Urho (Bichon).

Miniblack's1 Miniblack's1 Miniblack's1

12.05.2008 Geni in Turenki 11.5.

 Miniblack's On Mother's Day our Geni was the only Miniblack's boston in Turenki dog show. The judge Juha Putkonen liked the dog and gave him BOS and of course finnish certificate. In the pic "Geni" is with his proud and happy owner Satu.

10.05.2008 Happy Mother's Day 11.5.2008!

 Miniblack's We wish you all Happy Mother's Day - especially all the Miniblack's mothers. You are all soooo cute.
Enclosed the best picture of a pregnant mother. It's our Disa The little dog is so strong and well being despite the fact that she is carring five puppies and the labour is soon. Have to be difficult to carry on..

04.05.2008 'First of May' regards

 Miniblack's We were training for the real shows nearby Helsinki with Melody and Musti. These youngsters behaved quite nicely and received a lot of prices. It's always nice that dogs behave and now they are ready for the real shows.

27.04.2008 INT Show in Vaasa

 Miniblack's Peppi started her " Certificate hunt " in Vaasa INT show. She received her first Certificate from the czech Olga Dolejsova (BB2 with cert). Enclosed the "honour" pic of her taken by the owner.

15.04.2008 New Finnish Champion and other results

I'm latest champ' at Miniblack's !

  • Lissu was in Kiihtelysvaara 13.4. under swedish judge Hans Almgren. He liked the tiny bitch and Lissu got the Best of Breed title. This time Lissu got also the last CC and became FIN CH.
  • In the same show our yougster Topi (Miniblack's Just You Wish) got his show career started with BOB puppy. He started it as well as his brother in Sweden two weeks ago.
  • Older Gentleman Wallu was in Kankaanpää 13.4. There swedish judge Kerstin Nilsson gave him BOS.
Helmi's puppies are presented here for the last time as a puppy .

30.03.2008 "Lilla Seppo" and the latest news of the puppies (6wks)

BOB puppy ! Seppo (Miniblack's Just Wait 'n' See) has started his show career in Sweden in the first puppy show. The judge was from Sweden and Seppo got the finest critique ... En lovande valp med fin silhuett, härlig temperament.. Seppo became BOB puppy. Grattis !!
Sweet puppies of Martti and Agosta pictures are updated 30.3.

22.03.2008 Puppy pictures and the pedigree of the litter & Happy Easter !

Happy Easter ! Finally I have done the puppy page of the latest litter also in English. There you are able to find pictures of the puppies every week till 5 weeks and the 5-generation pedigree of the litter.

Happy Easter everyone !!
Några rader på svenska: Tusen tack för våra svenska vänner, som har hjälpt mig så mycket med de bilderna. Ni har varit så otroligt vänliga. Kära Stina och Ulla och alla andra som har hjälpt oss, tack för allt ni har gjort!

08.03.2008 Happy all women day everyone

Because of the all women day, we finally got snow in Finland. Our chic from Hot Alabama has been so thrilled of snow. She also loves the water. See some nice pictures of Melody and Musti having fun in the yard in snow storm.

Miniblack's Miniblack's Miniblack's

03.03.2008 Agility and puppyshow!

In Helsinki we got puppy show 2.3. The judge was V-M Kumpumäki. Our puppies acted like they've been for ages in shows. Actually they haven't been to any. Both Sulo and Musti won their classes with honorary prizes. Musti was best male. Candy was best bitch and won in the end Musti. Candy was Best of breed puppy and Musti got title BOS-puppy. Candy and Sulo are sibblings from the "Just" - litter.

Hotsi got also Agility success and after these greit winnings, he is now compiting in the final third class. Way to go !

29.02.2008 Admiral Nelson in Memoriam !  * 17.3.1995   † 24.02.2008

Our handsome Niilo has died peacefully on 24.2. He was almost 13 years of old. The death was sudden but peaceful. He was the real leader of the pack, but also equitable and assertive. Our warmest condolence to the owners and their the remaining bunch of bostons: Leevi, Alpo and the son of Niilo Immu.

22.02.2008 Lovely Valentine's Day 14.2. ! I love boston terriers !

bostoninterrierin pentuja The bitch from our own line gave birth to two sweet males on Valentine's Day 14.2. There is unfortunately only two males but they're cuter than we ever expected. We are so happy. The father is an older gentleman, champion of many countries and also very wellmannered. The perfect 5-generation pedigree with pics will be published on the puppypages. Both the puppies are automatically free of JC, because both the sire and dam of the litter are tested in England and proved to be normal.

More pics updated 28.2.
More pics of the puppies will be published weekly on the puppypages.

6.02.2008 Latest International Champion - Sissi !

Sissi INT CH Our prefix Miniblack's has received another International Champion - title. This time FCI confirmed the title of International Beauty Champion to Miniblack's Hot Gossip aka Sissi. You are able to find all the titles for this bitch on the page of Sissi's. Congratulations to the proud owners Henna and Jussi.

13.01.2008 New Miniblack's International Champion confirmed !

Geri INT CH FCI confirmed the latest International Championship to Geri. From now on Geri is able to use her INT CH titel with the other titles. Officially the titles for Geri are:

ps. Thank you for your interest on our new pages. During the first days of January there has been huge amount of visitors on our webpage. The visitors are mainly from Finland but to my surprise there has been visitors from more than ten countries from all over the world (the amount does not include any of the international robots).

01.01.2008 News in English will be ready in February 2008 !

New Miniblack's web pages are opened 1.1.2008 but first only in Finnish. The translation work will be done during the month of January. In February these pages will be done, so please be patient.

If you want to tell your opinion of our pages, you are able to write some lines for me in my questbook. You are able to write without your name if you want to. I thank you and appreciate your feedback.

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Melody and Musti playing in yard !
Talvea odotellessa

Picture taken in December 20, 2007