Meeting the Miniblack's breeders

Anne & DisaWelcome to brand new and neat webpages of adorable Miniblack's Boston Terriers. Some words from Anne Kariluoto - the other Miniblack's breeder and the webmaster.

These webpages are dedicated to Maggie, which is our first import ever. This little boston was a huge star at the times and her offspring are stars of today. Maggie self was an exceptional and lovely dog, nothing like her I have ever seen since.

Our Miniblack's Bostons are parts of our families. Although we aim to breed healthy, good mannered and beautiful Bostons and enjoy showing them, all our Bostons are our dearest pets. They live with us and enjoy the happy and active life with us. All of our retired dogs are also living with us til the end. We do not sell our older stock.

AnneliWe have bred bostons for over 20 years with fabulous results. Even if we have puppies seldom, only once or twice a year, we have bred huge amount of champions - of different countries. The results speak for themselves. There are many satisfied people, who own our boston puppies. If you are interested in buying "The Miniblack's Boston", please contact Anne or Anneli beforehand.

You are able to find more information about the boston families of Anne's and Anneli's, about puppies, lovely oldies and goldies by surfing around and clicking the links.

We are proud to have so many good friends around the globe and without their help the breeding would not be posssible. We believe that international and national co-operation is the key to be a successful breeder and having beautiful and healthy bostons. The gene pool have to be wide enough, just to avoid serious health problems.

Miniblack's Special DancerOn these pages you will find a lot of information of the breed and the standards of the Boston Terrier in different languages. You are able to find also huge amount of pictures and videos of Miniblack's Bostons.

If you find missing information for example missing titles of our offspring, please let Anne know by e-mail. I want to have these pages as extensive as possible. Enjoy our Miniblack's site and please feel free to contact us, we are ready to answer all you questions! When you click photos with underlinings you'll find more information and bigger pics of the dogs. Please, feel free to take our banner to your webpage, if you want to add our site on your favourite links! Miniblack's website address is as follows:

I have to warmly thank Anneli - my dearest mother - for having these adorable Miniblack's Bostons. She has been my most loyal friend, a great assistant and of course a true boston lover and conscientious breeder.

In Europe, Finland, Helsinki 1.1.2008

Handler & webmaster Anne Kariluoto
(The webpages of Miniblack's originally published 8.8.2001)

Owning Bostons since 1984, breeding Bostons since 1989.
Years of topwinning breeding of Boston Terriers in Finland !
Vuolasvirta plaque - for top quality dog breeding - for Anneli in 1998 and for Anne in 2002.